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Welcome to the official website of the Reserve Forces' and Cadets' Association for Wales


RFCA for Wales has a duty to deliver first class support services directly to the Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Marines Reserve, Army Reserve, Royal Auxiliary Air Force and their cadets.


RFCA for Wales provides a link to the local community to raise awareness of the rewards of part-time soldiering to Reservists and employers.


RFCA for Wales also engage with young people to educate them of the practical and academic skills they can gain by joining a Cadet organisation. There are also fulfilling roles for Adult Volunteers who guide the development of the next generation.


Defence Reform Act 2014


The current law that governs call-out powers for Reservists (the Reserve Forces Act 1996) has changed following the commencement of the Defence Reform Act on 1 October 2014.


Now, a Reservist can be mobilised for any purpose that a Regular can be used. Click here to read the full changes to call out powers.


Also, there have been changes to the additional payments made to employers and employment protection for Reservists. Click here to read more.


Tomorrow is 100 years since World War One saw the introduction of poison gas for the first time as Germany launched a cloud attack on the Western Front.



An RAF Reservist from South Wales battled 32mph winds to finish a gruelling ultra-marathon along the Glamorgan coastline at the weekend.



Rhondda Sea Cadet Corps recently gave a helping hand to support fundraising for another local community project.


On Saturday 4 April, the cadets teamed up with the GTFM radio station to collect donations from customers at their local ASDA superstore.