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Employer Engagement

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Defence Relationship Management

Defence Relationship Management (DRM) offer advice and support on employing members of the armed forces community, and enable organisations to develop a mutually beneficial working relationship with the MOD.


In Wales, there are approximately 2,000 reservists who are employed in over 1,000 different companies and organisations in both the public and private sectors. Defence is keen to establish open, strategic relationships with employers, tailoring partnering opportunities to mutual needs and business goals.


The Employer Engagement Programme is delivered by a Regional Employer Engagement Director, who is based at the Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association for Wales.


The ways DRM offer support include:

•employment of reservists and support through flexible HR policies
•employment of regular service personnel at the end of their engagements, in collaboration with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP)    
•employment opportunities for service leavers with more challenging transitions including the wounded, injured and sick
•employment of spouses/civil partners of service personnel
•joint development of skills in areas such as engineering, medical, communications and cyber security
•career opportunities and support for cadet adult instructors
•tackling disadvantages faced by service personnel in the consumer market


Contact Details and Further Information:


For one-to-one advice for employers, contact:


Regional Employer Engagement Director for South Wales, Audrey Nealon,on 02920 375734 or click here to email.


Regional Employer Engagement Director for North Wales, Tony Fish, on 01352 755309 or click here to email.


Click here for more detailed information for Reservists and Employers is available on the Defence Relationship Management website.


Defence Relationship Management can be contacted at Holderness House, Clifton Street, London EC2A 4EY:


  • For details of any issue relating to the support of Britain's Reservists and Employers.
  • For further information on any of the topics covered on the website.

There is also a Helpline available on 0800 389 5459 which is open from Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm (except on bank holidays).

Armed Forces Covenant


The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise from the nation that those who serve or have served, and their families, are treated fairly. We’re working with businesses, local authorities, charities and community organisations to support the forces through services, policy and projects.


Find out what the Armed Forces Covenant can do for you and how you can get involved.


If you are interested in signing the Armed Forces Covenant, please contact:


Regional Employer Engagement Director for South Wales, Audrey Nealon, on 02920 375734 or click here to email.


Regional Employer Engagement Director for North Wales, Tony Fish, on 01352 755309 or click here to email.


Employer Recognition Scheme

The Defence Employer Recognition Scheme rewards employers for their varying levels of support for the armed forces in relation to the Corporate Covenant, with Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards.


Should an employer choose to pledge their support, they will be eligible for the consideration of a Silver Employer Recognition Scheme Award.


Click here for more information about the Employer Recognition Scheme.

Defence Reform Act 2014

The current law that governs call-out powers for reservists (the Reserve Forces Act 1996) has changed following the commencement of the Defence Reform Act on 1 October 2014.


Now, a reservist can be mobilised for any purpose that a Regular can be used. Click here to read the full changes to call out powers.


Also, there have been changes to the additional payments made to employers and employment protection for reservists. Click here to read more.

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