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University Officer Training

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University Officer Training (UOTC)

If you’re in university and need something extra to stand out from the crowd then taking University Officer Training in your spare time will teach you skills that enhance your future employability and look great on your CV.


We’ll come looking for you every year. You will be able to find us at your Fresher Fairs in September and the recruitment process takes place in October. Each service has its own university organisation and they all offer an expansive military experience, adventurous training and an energetic social life.


Membership is open to undergraduates who meet certain admission criteria and will usually last at least two academic years or however long your degree course takes to complete. Pay is at the standard service rate, with a tax-free bounty paid on the completion of each full year's training.


University of Wales Royal Naval Unit (URNU) and HMS EXPRESS

It’s been 20 years since Wales UNRU started to give undergraduates an insight into part-time service and there’s never been a better time to make your mark on the modern Royal Navy than now.


As with all services, there are plenty of opportunities for exciting training, social and sport activities but here you’ll also be able to embark on maritime and leadership skills and qualifications. This way, you can invest in your future whilst enjoying the adventure.


The unit is based at HMS CAMBRIA, an RNR shore-based establishment about 10 miles from the centre of Cardiff. Our ship, HMS EXPRESS, is a P2000 class fast patrol craft based at Penarth Marina in Cardiff Bay with a full time ship’s company of five.


University of Wales Officers’ Training Corps (WUOTC)

The WUOTC is committed to developing your personal progression by introducing you to what the army is, what it does and how it is organised. We don’t just ask what you can do for the military but what the military can do for you too.


We’re open to all full time students, male and female, of British nationality. We’re committed to helping their development in to responsible citizens who can contribute to society through the medium of adventurous military training, sport and social activities.


The HQ of Wales UOTC is based in Maindy Barracks in Cardiff with companies in Aberystwyth, Bangor, Swansea and Wrexham. Most training takes place at weekends, but mid-week meetings are held at various units throughout Wales.


The University of Wales Air Squadron (UWAS)

If you want to learn to fly beyond the standard of a private pilot’s license, then UWAS offer an unrivalled opportunity to be tutored and trained by expert RAF and RAFVR instructors.


The squadron’s role is to teach students how to fly and this includes glider training, with the 634 Volunteer Gliding Squadron at the RAF St Athan base near Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan.


UWAS is open to British students from the University of Wales at Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Aberystwyth and Bangor as well as the University of Glamorgan and the University College of Medicine.


Click here for information on a new University of South Wales scheme where ex-armed forces personnel can earn up to two thirds of an undergraduate degree or up to two thirds of a masters degree, based on the training and knowledge they acquire while serving.

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