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Royal Marines Reserve

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Royal Marines Reserve

By joining the Royal Marines Reserve (RMR), you will become a commando trained general reserve with the specialist skills to reinforce your regular counterparts on important and intense operations and exercises across the world.


Equipped with your coveted green beret, you will be ready to fight and win having progressed through the renowned rigorous commando course. As a Royal Marine Reservists, you will be highly skilled, have high quality expertise and operate in environments that demand a high level of fitness and mental strength.


Given the nature of the RMR, Royal Marine Reservists numbers are far smaller than other areas of the Reserve Forces and there are approximately 600 Royal Marines Reservists distributed between the five RMR Centres in the UK. Approximately 10% of the RMR work with their regular counterparts on long term attachments.


The Cardiff Detachment is situated at the Reserve Centre, Ty Llewellyn, on Morgan Street, opposite the HMP Cardiff and next to the Cardiff Central Fire Station, and is the only RMR location in Wales. The Detachment recruits via RMR BRISTOL at Litfield Place, Clifton. RMR BRISTOL is also responsible for detachments based in Lympstone, Plymouth and Poole to enable Reservists to be drawn from the main areas of population within south west England and Wales.


Who can join?

Joining the RMR is not for the fainthearted as it requires real commitment and determination. You need to be at least 16 years old, physically fit and able to meet the same entry standards as the regulars. The upper age limit is usually 32. Candidates over the upper age limit, with former military service, may be considered on an individual basis. Only men can serve in the Royal Marines Reserve.


What is the commitment?
The RMR usually train on one evening a week, one weekend a month and undertake an annual two week continuous training course. The RMR is very much a force for use, and all ranks have the opportunity to serve alongside the regulars around the world, on exercise or operations.


What is the reward?
As a member of the RMR, you will be paid the same rates of pay as your regular counterparts and earn an annual tax-free bounty on completion of a minimum annual training commitment.

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