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Recruiting Support

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Recruiting Support

RFCA for Wales’ strong connections in local communities helps to raise the recruiting profile of all of the armed forces.


Recruiters will have been through the processes and can offer advice and guidance to the public. All recruiters will be equipped with all of the important information about the skills that can be learnt and examples of the exciting experience reservists and cadets will receive.


The reserve and cadet centres constantly remind the general population of the military presence in society, not only for the reserve forces and cadets but for the Armed Forces in general. The public’s awareness and appreciation of the Armed Forces is further established by the volunteers remaining active in the communities where they are from.


RFCA for Wales works with the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force to assist with local knowledge and experience that best suits the opportunities available in the specific area because raising the awareness of the reserves and cadets is central to recruiting support.


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