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Managing the Estate

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Managing the Estate

RFCA for Wales manage all reserve estates in Wales on behalf of the Secretary of State for Defence, providing a complete maintenance and management service to customers that both occupy and administer the 188 individual locations.

RFCA for Wales have successfully designed and project managed multi-million pound rebuilds and full refurbishments. Estate services include:

  • Statutory and mandatory annual inspections.
  • Essential and maintenance repair.
  • Lease negotiations and assessments.
  • Health and safety compliance of all assets.
  • Associated audit assurance.

RFCA for Wales’ estate ranges in style and size from listed houses to small timber buildings. From sites measuring tens of square metres to those covering several hectares. Some of the original drill halls date back to the start of the 19th century, whilst others are brand new purpose built facilities.


RFCA for Wales estate include:

  • 26 Army reserve centres.
  • One reserve centre which houses all three services.
  • Royal Naval reserve accommodation for HMS Cambria.
  • Extensive Cadet establishments such as cadet training centres.

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