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Community Engagement

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Community Engagement

RFCA for Wales support and promote events where the military and civilian communities come in to contact with each other. The aim of this is to improve understanding of the Armed Forces and increase public awareness of service personnel.


RFCA for Wales' Reservists and Cadets are committed to being active in the communities they come from and can engage with the local communities in a number of practical ways, including:


• Supporting Services presentation teams and their chain of command.
• Attending key events and inviting civilian representatives to military events.
• Developing ideas and implementing initiatives.
• Securing local and national media coverage.
• Assisting with charity fundraising.


RFCA for Wales have strong links with the Welsh Government and local authorities, and both appoint a representative to the Association. The aim is to keep them informed about issues that affect the communities that Reservists and Cadets serve.

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