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By joining a cadet unit, you will become part of a youth organisation that’s designed to stimulate your growth into valued citizen who can positively contribute to society.


You will join over 5,800 other cadets and learn the true meaning of teamwork, reliability and leadership as you’re challenged by adventurous activities with friends in a fun and exciting environment.


RFCA for Wales provides both financial and logistical support to the cadet units of all three services, assisting and encouraging the recruitment of both cadets and Adult Instructors.


The Sea Cadet Corps (SCC):

With units in North, South and West Wales, you will be one of more than 600 Sea Cadets who learn management and co-operation skills through a series of electrifying activities that include hoisting yacht sails, navigating waves and kayak racing downstream.


As the diverse training programme demonstrates, the Sea Cadets receive considerable support from the Royal Navy with RFCA for Wales assisting and advising on a variety of day-to-day issues.


Traditionally old seafarers provided training while local businessmen funded the unit building but general finance in support of each unit comes from the efforts of a civilian committee whose remit is to raise funds for that unit.


Click here for more information from the SCC.


The Army Cadet Force (ACF):

There’s plenty on offer with the ACF who offer you the opportunity to gain work related qualifications such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards and BTEC’s whilst you enhance your citizen skills by getting involved with the activities that matter the most to your communities.


The Regular Army will provide most of the training for the 129 ACF detachments, equipping everyone to make their mark while the RFCA for Wales provide logistical and financial support to over 40 permanent staff.


The ACF operates in three areas:

Click here for more information from the ACF.


The RAF Air Cadets:

The Air Cadets provides you with the chance to learn new skills that are useful in the future, whether living as a civilian or in service, through a structured scheme of practical and academic training.


The Air Cadets is made up of 60 squadrons who are divided into three Wings in the North, West and South of Wales. The RAF provides training and support, with accommodation maintained by RFCA for Wales.


Click here for more information from the RAF Air Cadets.


Combined Cadet Force (CCF):

There are six Combined Cadet Force (CCF) contingents in private and state schools in Wales, all with the mission statement 'to provide a disciplined organisation in a school so that pupils may develop powers of leadership by means of training to promote the qualities of responsibility, self-reliance and perseverance'.


RFCA for Wales is responsible for the maintenance and security of the ranges and armouries.

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